A T-Shirt Isn't Just A T-Shirt, There Is So Much More To It

Posted on January 30 2015

When we first started our little company back in 2012 we came out with our initial design, the AR-15 Owner shirt.  Naturally, we were a young and inexperienced company with little knowledge about apparel.  We dove right into a basic Hanes T shirt looking for the best price and easiest route to completion.  

We were so wrong.  The Hanes T shrunk, was made overseas, and the quality of print was nothing compared to our current work today.  If we wanted to have a fighters chance of sticking around as a company, we had to change our ways.  From that day forward, we vowed to only use American made apparel.  

With that said, quality is still an issue.  As the months passed, we ordered many apparel samples.  We wore them, washed them, dried them.  We worked out in them, cut the sleeves off them, stretched them, even stained them.  We purchased shirts from other patriotic apparel companies so we can see the quality they offer, then make ours better.  Our goal was to find the highest quality and best fitting shirt available.  

Today, we are proud of the products we put out there.  We've found a local print shop that sits down with us and listens to what we want to achieve with our designs.  We have found several shirt styles that are high quality and American made.  

Many patriotic apparel companies out there don't even print on American products, we've bought them to find out.  Our prices have been criticized for being higher than others, but, those prices reflect a quality standard and a value, Made In America.

When you put on one of our shirts, please know that a lot of time and effort went into finding the perfect shirt, for you.  We want you to feel good, look good, and wear that shirt for a long time!


Jake - Founder RWB Apparel

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  • Steve: May 13, 2015

    Any plans to potentially re-release the ‘Owner’ shirt made to the new, better standards of quality than the original?

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